Easter Bunny Nesting Egg 5pc./4"

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The Easter Bunny has been busy painting wooden NESTING eggs this year. This set gives you five in one, so you can virtually have an egg hunt with this item alone. The first fun will be had opening up the largest egg to find the others hidden within, and discovering how each is painted a different color and has a unique design. The largest egg features the Easter Rabbit himself! He has been caught red-handed with a paintbrush in hand, and paint splotches on his fur where he's been a little sloppy. Nothing slack about his work though; just look at the inner eggs to see what he's done – a delightful variety of pastel eggs with fun designs. How cheery it would be to see this Easter Bunny nesting egg looking out from the top of an Easter basket! Painted, lacquered, and stamped in St. Petersburg, Russia.